Scouts’ Training

The School arranges Scout training with different profiles. All of our training gives the counselor the tools for personal development that in the end strengthens the local scout activities. The Scouts teach you how to lead.

Our vision of learning and leadership builds on the scout method. This is a pedagogical method meaning that we believe in learning by doing, working in small groups and that we often use the nature as classroom. It also means that we believe in and encourage a supporting and listening leadership.

Ledarskapsön – The leadership island

Ledarskapsön (the leadership island) is the training system for the Scouts and Guides in Sweden. On the island people with different background, skills and experience meet. All who contribute to an organisation with the best leaders.

On the island you create your own path after the interests and need you have.

Bryggan – The bridge

All new leaders start their journey on the island by disembarkation on the bridge. Here you’ll find the basic leadership training Leda Scouting and the mandatory training Trygga Möten (Safe from harm)

  • Trygga Möten (Safe from harm)
  • Leda scouting

Reflektionssjön – The lake of reflection

Here you will find our trainings on leadership and personal development.

  • Värdebaserat Ledarskap (Value bases leadership)
  • Treklöver Gilwell (Wood badge)
  • Ditt personliga ledarskap

Verksamhetshöjden – The organisation height

On the organisation height is the trainings that will give us both height and overview of the troop and the group work.

  • Leda avdelning
  • Leda kår

Friluftsgläntan – The outdoor clearing

The outdoors is in many ways an important part of our organisation. We offer trainings in outdoor life for leaders, scouts and the public.

  • Redo för naturen
  • Friluftsledarkursen

Äventyrarviken –  The adventure cove

Here adventure scouts come to develop as leaders.

  • Ledarutbildning patrull

Utbildarudden – The trainers cape

To offer all the possibilities on the island we also need many dedicated trainers. There are courses for trainers and mentors.

  • Utbildning för utbildare (Train the trainer)
  • Handledarutbildningen

Intresseskäret – The Islet of interest

This is a place for great knowledge from all of the various local courses.

  • Lokala intressekurser