Value Based Leadership

Value Based Leadership is an advanced leadership training program for young leaders 20-25 years old.

This is what previous participants from the course Value Based Leadership say about the course.

I think that the course is the most valuable learning experience I have ever had. I would recommend it to anyone eager to develop their leadership skills, but it needs to be someone who is really ready to do so and interested.

It was a chance of a lifetime and I’m glad I was accepted to be a participant and as well I’m glad that I took the course. Just understanding values and their affect on my everyday life gave me so much more than I expected.

I think the biggest change has been how I see myself. I kind of knew what I’m like, but I was mostly seeing it as something that was affecting my personal relationships maybe not negatively, but I didn’t see many of the beneficial sides of it. Through the course I’ve learned to see the goods sides of it, and I feel a lot more confident.

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Don´t miss out on the chance to participate in something out of the ordinary. Value Based Leadership is a unique training program in that it combines expertise and experience from non-governmental organizations and the business world. The course consists of several parts; four long weekends (Friday morning through Sunday afternoon), a mentorship program as well as individual and group assignments in between the different module weekends.

As a participant on the course you will learn about theories, models and abstract concepts related to leadership. However, the main purpose is not learning about models; it’s learning about yourself and your role in groups and as a leader. The course methods consist of workshops, discussions, structured experiences and reflection, both individually and in groups.

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For information about coming international courses please contact or   Peter Röjhammar, Project manager, +46766232587.