Nordic Advanced Leadership Training


7About the Nordic Advanced Leadership Training

Nordic Advanced Leadership Training is an in-depth value-based leadership course, in a multicultural context. 

What can we learn from each other that will challenge and develop ourselfs as individuals and scout leaders? We will reconcile our experiences and explore further in our personal, value-based leadership.


Nordic Advanced Leadership training is open for scout leaders that previously has undergone a higher national leadership education.

We strive for the group to be represented by about 2-3 participants from each Nordic country, a total of 12-18 people. The course’s working language is English.

The course has no age limits.


During the weekend, you will gain in-depth knowledge and development in

  • Value-based leadership
  • Lead to diversity
  • Norm-critical leadership
  • ”Way of thinking leadership” from WAGGGS and WOSM
  • Nordic perspective and cooperation
  • Peer learning

Prior to the course, participants will receive a preparatory task that will be conducted in pairs (you will be paired with another participant) and reported at the time of the course.

When and where?

Nordic Advanced Leadership Training is held in Stockholm during May 30th-June 2nd 2019.


The fee is 3 500 SEK, of which 500 SEK is a registration fee you pay if you are accepted. The remaining part of the course fee will be billed with due date on April 30, 2019.

The trips to and from the course are not included in the fees and are payed (and administrated) by the participants themselfs.


The application must be submitted by October 31th 2018.

Note! After october 31th 2018 the course management will make a selection based on the conditions and criterias mention in the application form here >>

Apply here!