Is it time to enliven Scouting? Is it time to look deeper into why you are a Scout leader?

Are you a trainer, unit leader or have other roles in the Scout movement and would like to have the opportunity to reflect upon why it is you are doing what you are doing in Scouting?

Would you like to recharge your batteries by reconnecting with your urge to be a scout leader?

Then Treklöver Gilwell (TG) is the right leadership training for you!


Prior knowledge

The training is open to Scout leaders with at least three years experience and whom have already participated in basic Scout leadership training. To participate in the training you should be at least 23 years old. This training course also requires that you understand and can make yourself understood in English.

About the training

The Treklöver-Gilwell (Wood Badge) training has a long international tradition and the training has developed in line with the Scout movement and society. 2019 marks the 100 years of Wood Badge Training with centenary celebrations all over the world.


Treklöver Gilwell is a coherent and advanced leadership training where participants are given the opportunity to experience and practice Scouting while reflecting both individually and jointly on different theories. The personal development is linked to the Scout movement nationally and to the Scout activities locally. The training course starts with preparatory tasks at home, followed by at least eight course days, distributed over at least two occasions. In addition, you will carry out an individual development project connected to your own scout leadership role. You will be supported by a TG supervisor. From the preparation tasks to the final part, the training normally takes place within six months to a year.


TG Norden is a Treklöver Gilwell training course where you get an international perspective of Scout leadership. In TG Norden we create a training environment where you yourself practise international Scouting. The course has participants from all Nordic countries where up to half of them come from Sweden. The training team consists of trainers from the Nordic countries. We enable a deeper exchange thanks to structured course assignments in the patrol already before the course week and with smaller patrols with 6 patrol members. The major part of the course takes place during the course week at the end of summer 2020 at Kungshol and during your individual development project, followed by the course weekend in February 2021. You are always supported by your patrol in knowledge exchange and by your supervisor from the training team. To be able to include participants from all Nordic countries, the training will be held in English.


During the training you will have the opportunity to reflect on your leadership linked to who you are and would like to be in your Scout involvement from the aspects; Individual, Group, Unit/Movement and Foundation. What sets the course apart from other Scout leader trainings is that you are given the opportunity to deepen and develop your leadership, through a greater individual development project and in the joint scout experience you get with the other participants in the training.


The Individual, gives you an in-depth personal development in relation to your leadership and thus you get a greater sense of security in your own leadership. You become more aware of yourself and your leadership role within the Scouts. Self-awareness increases and self-esteem is strengthened.
The Group, gives you a deeper understanding of yourself and how you work in a group, knowledge of groups and group development and practical experience.
The Unit/Movement, gives you a deeper understanding of yourself and how you function in your own Scouting environment as well as how you can influence the unit, the local Scout work and the national Scout organization.
Scouting’s foundation gives you a deeper understanding of yourself, your incentives and your relationship to the ideas and methods of the movement, values ​​and mission.
A joint Scout experience creates a common arena for the participants in which you can individually and together reflect on the course content and your own development.
The development project, is carried out individually with the support of a supervisor, between the two course events. A personal development, an inner journey, possibly connected to an external project, with the aim of driving your personal scout leadership development forward.

Training objectives

After completing the course you will have reached a deeper insight in your Scout leadership and your role in the Scout movement. The theoretical framework will support you, although the most important tool is the in-depth exchanges with other Scout leaders, from many different backgrounds, and who all want to develop together during the training. TG is an individual development journey where you can reach as far as you would like, but it requires that you are open to change and able to reflect on yourself and your leadership role. You will have a new Scout patrol with friends who can help you progress towards your goals both during and after the training course.
You have also acquired tools for your continued personal development and Scout journey.

The training is divided into:

Start up assignments with peer learning in the patrol and with the support from the training team April-June 2021

You will receive assignments where you get to know your patrol members before the training course week. Peer learning can also be called collegiate learning and means that you have a structured conversation in a group of three people where you not only learn from each other’s Scouting experiences but also reflect and can come up with solutions to possible challenges. The course assignments aim to create a common knowledge based on important areas within our Nordic Scout organizations such as diversity, programs, and the Scout leader role.

The training course week at Kungshol 16-23 July 2021

(small Scout centre in beautiful forest setting outside Rättvik, Dalarna https://www.nsf.scout.se/anlaggningar/vara-anlaggningar/kungshols-lagergard/)
During the course week, you will live with your patrol and in this way you will get to know more about your leadership and yourself in a group. Feedback and reflection are important tools. At the same time, you participate in various training sessions and thus add to your knowledge of the foundations of Scouting, group processes and leadership. During the course week, you identify your needs for development as a scout leader and there you will find a goal for your development work. You coordinate your development work with your supervisor from the training team and are ready to go home and carry out your development work with the support of your supervisor and possibly also a contact person at home.

The personal development work autumn and winter 2021

(until follow-up weekend)
Your supervisor supports you according to what you have planned and you implement, reflect and learn from your development work at home. The patrol will connect a few times during the autumn to exchange lessons and gain new perspectives based on each other’s ongoing development work.

The follow-up weekend 28 January-30 January 2022 at Gilwellstugan

(Flen, Sörmland, small Scout Centre facility with old Swedish Wood Badge traditions)
For the final course part, the goal is for you to be finished with your development project. During the follow-up training weekend you share your work, reflect and inspire each other. The course weekend also includes training sessions, which we mainly build on the participants’ continued wishes after the course week. During the course weekend, we get to take part in the symbolic framework that Gilwell Cottage has provided the Swedish TG training and conclude with a ceremony where the TG insignia are distributed.


The participation fee is 4900 SEK (your travels are not included in the fee and must be organized by the participants themselves).


Applications can be sumitted between 1 September and 1 December, 2020. Please note that this is not the same as signing up and automatically joining the training. All applications will be reviewed by the training management and you will be notified as soon as possible after the last registration date whether you are accepted to the course or not. If you are accepted, you will receive an invoice for the participation fee of 4900 SEK with due date 31 January 2021.
If you have to cancel after the participation fee has been paid, it will not be refunded. If you become ill after the full participation fee has been paid, you will only be reimbursed if you have a medical certificate as proof that you cannot attend.

Questions can be answered by anyone of the Heads of the training team below.


Heads of the training team

Erika Gilbertsson

I am the Training Commissioner for The Guides and Scouts of Sweden and responsible for the Swedish Treklöver-Gilwell trainings. I have been Head for both the National training committee and The National training renewal committee. I work as an Operational Controller at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.


Kerstin Bergsten

Has previously been supervisor and Head of the training team for several Treklöver-Gilwell trainings. Has a long-standing commitment to the Scouts’ international work as a volunteer but also as an employee of the World Scout Jamboree 2011. Has helped to deliver the European Partnership Network Event the last couple of years. Works as a Social Science teacher, after having spent the last couple of years supporting intercultural understanding through youth exchanges (Secretary General with Youth For Understanding Sweden).