About the course

Leading Scouting (Distance) is a course designed for you as a new leader in The Guides and Scouts of Sweden. The course consists of three digital parts and three homework assignments. Each digital part of the course takes about 40-60 minutes to complete, depending on how quickly you choose to proceed through the course material.

Between the digital parts of the course you will be presented with assignments to work on. The assignments are designed to be performed in your Scout group, as part of the Scouting activity for Try-Leading-Scoutingwhich you are a Leader. The course will take you a total of about 6 hours to complete.

How to get started

1. Go to our webshop >>
2. Buy the course. You can pay with Swish or by credit card
3. You can start the course immediately after completing the purchase

If your Scout Unit would like to purchase the course for you and some of your Scout Leader colleagues, they can receive an invoice.