Adapted leadership

THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD take this course

This course helps you adapt your leadership, to lead kids with ADHD and autism in a better way. The methods taught in the course will benefit the entire group, both leaders and participants.

Course objectives

In this course you’ll learn about:
  • what ADHD and autism are
  • how expectations affect your leadership
  • how to adapt your leadership
  • simple adaptation tools

How the course work

The course takes about 90 minutes. You can pause it at any time and come back to the course and continue from where you were.

How to get started

As a scout leader in a Swedish scout group that is a member of Scouterna, the online course is free of charge and easy to access.
Please log in here to get started >>

How do I log in for the first time?

How does it work for me who is a scout leader in Equmenia?
Do you already have an account in the virtual learning platform and access to the course Safe from harm? E-mail and the support will give you access to the course Adapted leadership.

If you are a new scout leader you will get access to the course Adapted leadership by asking the person in your scout group responsible for training, to e-mail with the following information:
    • Equmeniaföreningen's association number
    • First name, last name and e-mail address of the scout leaders who will attend the course.

I'm having trouble to log in. What should I do?
Contact to get some help logging in.

Can I, as a leader in another organization, take the course?

Yes you can. To order the course for your association, e-mail

For non-profit associations, the course costs SEK 250 per user. For companies, the price is 350 SEK per user.


Do you have questions about the content or structure of Adapted leadership, please contact Hanna Bata, Project Manager at The Swedish Scouts’ Leadership College.

If you need technical support about the virtual learning platform, or questions about how to access our online training, contact