Leading Scouting (Distance)

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This course designed for you as a new leader in The Guides and Scouts of Sweden. When you have completed this course, we hope that you will feel more secure in your scout leadership. We also hope that you will have gained a good understanding of the purpose and methodology of Scouting - in other words, the essence of Scouting.

You will be presented with tools that enable you to create excitement, adventure and a sense of community with the scouts you lead. Before we get started, we would first like to provide you with some information about how the course works.

More about Leading Scouting (Distance)

Course objectives

Leading Scouting (Distance) provides you with the opportunity to learn about many fundamental aspects of being a scout leader in The Guides and Scouts of Sweden, and is designed to help you develop in your role of leader.

You will learn things that enable you to better understand the essence of Scouting. We will primarily focus on four main objectives. You will:
  • Learn about the vision and values of the Guides and Scouts of Sweden.
  • Obtain knowledge about the programme for the Guides and Scouts of Sweden and how we can use it to develop children.
  • Receive tools designed to help you plan and run.
  • Gain ideas and insights into what a listening and supportive style of leadership means to you as a scout leader.

How the course works

This course will take you a total of about 6 hours to complete.

The course consists of three digital parts and three homework assignments. Each digital part of the course takes about 40-60 minutes to complete, depending on how quickly you choose to proceed through the course material.

Between the digital parts of the course you will be presented with assignments to work on. The assignments are designed to be performed in your scout group, as part of the scouting activity for which you are a leader. You should therefore spread out the digital parts of the course to ensure that you can take part in at least one scout meeting between each part.

Count that, it is likely to take you about 3-4 weeks to complete the entire course.


Leading Scouting (Distance) costs SEK 250 and you buy it directly by clicking the pink button below. As soon as you have completed the purchase (pay directly with a swish or credit card), you will have access to course.

Your scout group can also buy the course for you and more scout leaders in your scout group, and then receive an invoice for the amount. Contact webbkurs@scouterna.se to order the education.


Do you have questions about the content or structure of Leading Scouting (Distance), please contact Hanna Bata, Project Manager at The Swedish Scouts’ Leadership College.

If you need technical support about the Luvit web platform, or questions about how to access our online training, contact webbkurs@scouterna.se